Suicide Prevention

If there is an immediate fear of death or injury, please call 911. Any suicidal thought is a risk. HealthWest's crisis line is (231)-722-HELP.  Please call:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

(800) 273-TALK (8255)

HealthWest crisis helpline:

(231) 722-HELP (4357)

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The Autism Program provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children or young people diagnosed with autism and related disorders. ABA is used to increase functional communication, independent self-care, play behaviors and social skills, motor imitation, listening skills, and more. It is used to decrease behaviors which may get in the way of learning (spinning, hand flapping, etc.) or those which are disruptive or dangerous to self or others (yelling, aggression, self-injury, etc.)



Three levels of services are available and are determined by test scores, diagnoses, and family preference. Parents and caregivers are important to the success of each child or young person. We strive to provide education and training that will allow them to become equal members of the treatment team.



Michigan Autism Benefit Services include:


  • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI): Includes 10-20 hours per week of ABA services under the Autism Benefit. ABA therapy focuses on teaching skills and reducing disruptive or dangerous behaviors.
  • Applied Behavioral Intervention (ABI): Includes 5-15 hours/week of ABA services under the Autism Benefit focused on 1-3 concerns at a time.



To be eligible for both the Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention and Applied Behavioral Intervention services, children must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, be age 18 months through age 20, and be eligible for Medicaid or MI Child.



Non-Autism Benefit Services include:


  • Applied Behavior Support Services for Youth: For children who do not meet eligibility for the Michigan Autism Benefit, this service is typically offered 5-10 hours a week. The program serves to address the needs of children with developmental disabilities receiving services from HealthWest who are experiencing significant challenges that if left untreated, would place them at risk of needing out of home care.



Contact HealthWest Autism Program at (231) 724-1152