Suicide Prevention

If there is an immediate fear of death or injury, please call 911. Any suicidal thought is a risk. HealthWest's crisis line is (231)-722-HELP.  Please call:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

(800) 273-TALK (8255)

HealthWest crisis helpline:

231) 722-HELP (4357)

More Information

For Providers

Agency Policy and Procedures
01-004 Mission Vision and Values,  Code of Ethics,  Mission Statement


01-006 Corporate Compliance

Human Resources
02-001 Training is Psychological and Physical Interventions
02-007 Screening, Orientation and Supervision of Community Mental
Health Services Volunteers
02-008 Screening, Orientation, Supervision, and Processing of Student Observers/Interns (REVISED)
02-011 Verification of License, Certification, or Registration of CMH
Professional Employees and Contracted Professional Providers
02-015 Clinical Supervision
02-016 Workforce Development
02-017 Privileging of Licensed Independent Practitioner
02-026 Credentialing and Re-Credentialing Requirements

02-027 Resignation or Retirement of Direct Care Staff

03-014 Provider Claim Dispute Resolution
03-015 Billing Audit
03-017 Client Payeeship
Recipient Rights
04-001 Confidentiality of Recipient Information/Records and Privileged Communications
04-002 Exchange of Recipient Information
04-003 Informed Consent for Community Mental Health Treatment
04-004 Duty to Warn
04-005 Responding to Subpoenas
04-006  Safeguarding the Rights of Recipients
04-007 Fingerprints, Photographs, Audio Tape, or Use One-Way Glass
04-008 Family Planning
04-009 Restraint, Seclusion, and Physical Intervention
04-010 Services Suited to Condition, Dignity, and Respect
04-011 Change in Type of Treatment
04-012 Comprehensive Examinations-Residential Facilities
04-013 Treatment by Spiritual Means-Residential Facilities
04-014 Right to Entertainment Material, Information, and News
04-015 Recipient Communication by Mail, Telephone, and Visits- Residential Facilities
04-016 Recipient’s Property and Funds
04-017 Freedom of Movement
04-018 Resident Labor-Residential Facilities and Other Locations
04-019 Reporting of Unusual Incidents
04-020 Reporting of Abuse and Neglect
04-021 Reporting and Review of Recipient Deaths
04-022 Complaints, Appeals and Dispute Resolution
04-023 Resolution of Complaints, Disputes and Grievances
04-024 Peer Review and the Root Cause Analysis
04-025 Advance Directives
04-026 Recipient Rights for Substance Abuse Programs
04-028 Choice of Mental Health Professional
Management of Information and Technology
05-003 Records Retention
05-004 Agency Forms
Health and Behavior Management
06-001 Behavioral Support Committee
06-003 Dietary Referral and Assessment
06-004  Professional Assessment
06-007 Sexual Activity in Specialized Residential Facilities
06-008  Medication Errors and Medication Documentation Errors
06-009  Formulary of Psychotropic Medications
06-010 Medication Management
06-011  Coordination of Care with Primary Care Physician from Intake through Discharge
06-012  Health Screen and Physical Examinations
06-015  Clinical Documentation Standards (REVISED)
06-016 Clozaril/Clozapine Treatment Systems (CTS) Procedures
06-017  Clinical Practice Guidelines
06-018 Responding to Medical Emergencies
06-019 HealthWest Adult Jail Diversion Practice
06-020 Self-Determination
06-022 Access Process for Adults & Children with Mental Illness & Individuals
with Developmental Disabilities
06-023 Utilization Management
06-024 Obtaining Authorization for Services Out of Network
06-025 Telepsychiatry/Telehealth

06-026 Person Centered Planning

06-030 Vivitrol Administration Protocol

06-031 Suboxone Administration Protocol

Environment of Care
07-002 Staff Travel and Use of County Vehicles (REVISED)
07-003 Exposure Control Plan
07-005 Tuberculosis Infection Control
07-006 Maintenance Inspection of Vehicle’s Wheelchair Tie-Down Systems
07-007 Emergency Relocation of Services
07-012 Infection Control and Prevention Plan


07-013 Surveillance of Infection

07-014 Managing Sharps
07-015 Life Safety/Fire and Emergency Preparedness
07-019 Prevention and Management of Violence in the Workplace and Attachments


07-020 Smoking and the Use of Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes in HealthWest Facilities

07-021 Hazardous Material Safe Handling and Disposal
Attachment A – MHC, Attachment B Brinks, Attachment C Indian Bay,
Attachment D Wesley-Roberts,
Attachment G Clubhouse, Form A177 Critical Incident Review
Organizational Performance
09-001 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
09-003 Clinical Chart Review
10-001 CMH Contracts /Lease Agreements, Attachment A, 10-001 Attachment B, Attachment B2,

Attachment C

10-002 Notification of Termination of Contracted Providers to Individuals, Agency, Staff,
and Other Contracted Providers
10-003 Contracted Vendor/ Provider Application and Compliance Review
10-004 Credentialing and Re-credentialing of Providers
10-005 Provider Conflict of Interest
10-006 Provider / Contractor Business and Financial Status
10-007 Provider Compliance with Michigan Mental Health Code/ MDHHS-ORR Requirements
10-008 Provider Orientation and Implementation of Person-Centered Planning
10-009 Environment of Care
10-010 Infection Control
10-011 Clinical and Support Services Documentation
10-012 Maintenance of Provider Manual
10-013 Follow up of Group Home Maintenance Issues
10-014 Monitoring of Ownership and Control Interests of Providers for Exclusion from
Participation in Federal Health Care Programs
Customer Service
11-001 Implementation and Monitoring of HealthWest Customer Satisfaction Surveys
11-003 Orientation: Addressing Educational Needs of Persons Served
11-005 Agency Standards of Customer Service


11-006 Assuring Appropriate Accomodations

Best Practice Guidelines
12-001 Antabuse Protocol
12-002 Person Centered Planning Guidelines,5885,7-339-71550_2941_4868_4900—,00.html
12-003 Medical Staff Peer Review Protocol
12-005 Prescribing Psychotropic Medications for Children and Adolescents
12-006 ADHD Protocol
12-007 Nursing Guidelines (attachment A) (attachment B)
12-008 Monitoring of Children and Adolescents Being Treated with Ant-depressants
12-009 Requests for Behavioral Support Services
12-010 Simultaneous Use of Multiple Psychotropic Medications
12-011 Prescribing for Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders
12-012 Suicide Assessment and Intervention
12-013 Relapse Prevention
12-014 Guideline for Prescribing Psychotropic Medications during Pregnancy for Individuals Receiving Services
12-015 Staff Medication Assistance

12-019 Medication Assisted Treatment

Affiliation Policies/Procedures