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Youth and Family Services

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Youth Services

We believe in the power of wellness and know that parents and children are experts in their own care. We offer services through a variety of approaches and strategies in partnership with youth and families. HealthWest teams are multi-disciplinary and include clinicians, case managers, nurses, and peers.

Services are available to children/youth ages 0-26 with serious emotional disturbance and/or developmental disabilities. Individuals with Medicaid or MI Child may qualify for services as well.

Family Support Subsidy Program

Michigan has a program to help families who care for their children with severe disabilities at home. The Family Support Subsidy Program can pay for special expenses the family has while caring for their child with severe disabilities. This financial support may help prevent or delay placements outside the home. Contact Vivian Jones for more information at 231-724-3515 or via email at vivian.jones@healthwest.net.

Comprehensive Care

We offer a full continuum of youth services to include and not be limited to home-based care, school-based services, parent support, juvenile justice, youth developmental disability services, substance misuse recovery, transition age, clinical support and wellness groups to medication administration and review.

How To Access Services

If a youth is requesting services, or a parent/guardian is requesting services on behalf of a youth, a member of the Mobile Response and Stabilization team will come to the home, school, or wherever is most convenient to conduct an assessment and make a referral for services. To have the Mobile Response and Stabilization team come and do an assessment, call 231-720-3200.

Youth programs and Care offered through HealthWest are: wraparound, home-based care, school-based care, clinical support and wellness groups, parent support, juvenile justice, infant mental health, youth developmental disability services, peer specialist, medication administration and review, therapy and counseling, autism support, transition age, mobile response and stabilization, substance misuse recovery, 24-hour crisis response


At HealthWest, we partner with Pathfinders. Pathfinders works to connect youth and families through after-school and summer programming and social and community opportunities. It strives to connect youth who deal with trauma, educational hurdles, and sensory challenges with the tools to help them navigate stress so they can become resilient, thriving members of the village.

Pathfinders focuses on total wellness, mindfulness, and movement as well as provides respite for families, educational support, literacy, family education, and more. The supportive environment is stigma-free and inclusive to call. We're better together!

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy."

Oscar Wilde

We work in partnership with MYalliance — a local system of care focused on increasing access to needed services and engaging youth and families to help design the programs that serve them.

MYalliance System of Care