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Provider Information, Policies, and Procedures


At HealthWest, we value the relationships we hold with our contracted professionals in Muskegon County and surrounding communities. With your help, we offer integrated quality care, pathways to a bright future, and expanded access to behavioral health and prevention services.

Interested In Becoming A Provider ?

If you are interested in becoming a contracted provider of HealthWest, please contact the HealthWest Contracts Department at

Provider Training

HealthWest offers a variety of trainings available to individuals and organizations who have a contract with us to provide services.

HealthWest Learning Management System
HealthWest Training Requirements by Service

Online Training Courses

At HealthWest, we use the Lakeshore Learning Management System (Lakeshore LMS) as our platform for classroom and online training courses. This learning platform uses a self-registration system in which each student registers for both the online and classroom courses they wish to complete. Sign-up here:

Need to Receive Training or Need Help?

Phone: 231-724-6057, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Fax: 231-724-6074

Provider Credentialing Information

HealthWest requires organizational providers to credential and re-credential their direct-employed and subcontracted direct service providers in accordance with HealthWest policies 02-026, 10-004 and 10-016, and in line with the MDHHS Credentialing and Re-credentialing Processes. Beginning in FY24, HealthWest will perform random quarterly audits on provider staff to ensure they are being appropriately credentialed and their training is being completed according to contract requirements (See notice provided July 17, 2023). Tools to assist you based on provider staff type can be found by clicking here.

Latitude 43

Latitude 43 Electronic Health Record

Latitude 43 Forms

Behavioral Health Contracted Provider Access Forms
BH Provider EHR User Account Form

Substance Use Disorder Contracted Provider Access Forms
SUD EHR User Account Form & SUD New Hire Employee Verification Form *(Staff working with consumers must have BOTH of the forms filled out for access)

DCO Provider Information
DCO Provider User Account Form
• DCO Credentialing Packet

ASAM Continuum
SUD Providers Requiring ASAM Continuum Training
ASAM Continuum Michigan User Manual
The ASAM Continuum biopsychosocial assessment is required by MDHHS for adult clients (18+) whose services are funded through Medicaid, Health Michigan and/or Block Grant.

After the clinician has completed their training, a Latitude 43 New User Request Form must be submitted requesting clinical access in the system. Staff who have not yet completed the credentialing process for the provision of clinical services, will also need to submit the New Hire Employee Verification Form.

For troubleshooting or assistance, please contact the help desk at